For some reasons, you and your partner eventually decide running a birth control program which does not mean that you have to stop making love. Before you decide it, you must have already gathered some information. In this case, soon you are going to be quite familiar with some tools including condoms. It is not the end of an era though. Using condom does not mean that you cannot gain the maximum pleasure of having sex. The truth is that it takes time for you to get familiar with it. Once you get used to using condoms, perhaps you even try to buy condoms online to find another pleasure.

Sex life is quite interesting to manage. It also includes your way to make your life full of love. For some people, having sex with your partner is the best way to lose some stress. Although you do not plan to have more children, having sex is necessary for normal people. With condoms, you can fulfil your sex necessary while you run your birth control program. Using condoms tend to be one of the popular options for people that run the birth control program. If it is going to be your first time to use condoms, to see the instructions properly is a must.

Besides following the instructions, to look up some relevant tips is also necessary. For instance, if you use condoms, maximally every thirty-minute you should change with the new one. In fact, after thirty minutes, the condom is relatively risky to break.

After all, it is always best to play safe. The friction potential also depends on how you use condoms. Thus, it also depends on you to follow this tip or not. The point is you need to really concern on some details of using a condom properly so that you can play safely and conveniently.