Can you distinguish between SUVs and MPVs? Some people are still confused to distinguish two types of cars because they have a body that is almost the same. The number of range rover rental london makes SUVs increasingly visible on the streets. This is because many people want to drive a range rover car but have not been able to afford it. So the solution given is to rent the car.

For those of you who don’t know the difference between SUV and MPV, here are 3 differences seen from the side of the car engine:

Fuel consumption
SUVs are usually equipped with large capacity engines, this is because the power of the car must be strong so that it can pass through various difficult roads and terrain. Because this is what makes fuel consumption more wasteful compared to other types of cars. Unlike the types of MPV cars that are intended as family cars, most are equipped with a fuel management system that makes fuel consumption more economical. (read also: How to set up a car gate).

Drive System
At the beginning of the production of SUVs, this type of car uses a 4wd (Four Wheel Drive) drive system that is 4 wheel drive. This is because this drive system can generate power from a larger engine which is channeled to all wheels so that it can drive the vehicle. But over time some SUVs are now using a two-wheel drive system to further save fuel consumption. Unlike the MPV car, because it is intended as a fuel-efficient family car. Almost all MPV cars use a two-wheel drive system, even this is still divided again namely the front wheel drive or rear wheel drive.

Choice of Car Tires
As explained earlier, the weight of the car between the SUV and MPV is different from each other. The weight of the SUV is indeed heavier than the MPV because of the structure of the car. This of course affects the load index of the car. Load Indexes that are not suitable can of course result in tires that can explode due to excess weight.