House or condominium? This question is often heard when you decide to live in a small area with a high population density, one of which is Singapore. The Midwood condo is the most sought after condominium because it is very strategically located. Not only close to shopping centers, but also easy access to public transportation. This is one of the advantages of staying in a condominium. If you want to have a house in Singapore, usually the price is very high and don’t have as much access as the condominium. This is what causes the question to arise regarding staying in a home or condominium.

Besides being easily accessible, it turns out the reason people choose to live in a condominium is quite diverse. We have summarized the 3 most reasons to stay in a condominium. These reasons are:

– Trends live in condominiums
Currently living in a condominium has become the lifestyle of urban communities, this is due to the many facilities offered at a condominium. Especially nowadays there are many condominiums built in the city center or business center so that it can make it easier for young professionals to move around.

– Competitive rental prices
In addition to living, many people buy condominiums for rent. Because, because it is equipped with complete facilities and a strategic location, condominium rental prices are usually higher when compared to rental homes. This is certainly very beneficial for investors who want to make a profit by renting.

– Selling prices continue to rise
Property has long been regarded as one of the promising investment instruments when compared to other types of investments such as stocks or deposits, the property is considered more profitable. The type of condominium property is considered more promising because the interest to buy condominiums continues to increase along with the price of landed houses. Plus, the development of condominium selling prices is also quite good, the average increase can reach 5 to 10 percent per year, both in the city center and satellite areas and buffers.