Starting an online store can be a great way to expand an existing business or start a new business. Even if you have an online store site – eCommerce, creating online stores on resellers like Amazon can introduce your products to a wider audience. You can learn how to sell online at Amazon by following the steps below and then integrating your Amazon online store with your own online store site. In the meantime, you can also check out the amazing selling machine review to know more about a guide for selling products on Amazon.

The first step to start selling online at Amazon: Creating a sales plan

The first step to selling online at Amazon is to choose what kind of seller you want to run. Amazon provides two options to sell: sell as a professional or sell as an individual. There are some differences between them:

Amazon Professional Seller:
Sold more than 40 items per month; can sell in 30 categories of products. Cost: $ 39.99 / month + other sales fees.

Amazon Individual Sellers:
Selling less than 40 items per month; can sell in 20 product categories. Cost: $ 0.99 per sale + other sales costs.

As an individual seller, you have access to a limited number of features, including adding new products to the Amazon catalog and Fulfillment by Amazon services. As a professional seller, you have access to more features, including international sales, custom shipping rates, product promotions, and placements.

Step Two For Online Sales in Amazon: Choosing a sales category

Once you have selected your sales plan, you need to decide what to sell. More than 20 categories of products available in the Amazon market. If you already have an established business or a complete business plan, choosing your product category will be very easy.
It’s important to check Amazon product guidelines once you’ve selected your category – some categories require additional approval. Amazon limits sales in this category to ensure buyers get quality standard products met.

Step Three and the final one for selling online at Amazon: List and Start Listing

Create your store account on Amazon. Here you will manage listing, shipping, and sales.