Toys are something valuable in childhood. But the American Product Safety Commission reports that about 250,000 accidents are caused by toys in one year. One of the three cases even occurs in children under five. In the meantime, if you want to buy toys for a new business instead, perhaps the toys wholesale can be a good choice.

Therefore, before you decide to buy a toy for your baby, you should first make sure:

1. Is the toy big enough?

Baby toys with a size that is large enough to be able to prevent the occurrence of choking on your baby or blockage in the respiratory tract. This toy must be 3 cm in width and at least 6 cm in length.

You should also avoid toys that include balls and coins in the series. Baby toys like this are generally only 4 cm in diameter, so they fit through your baby’s respiratory tract.

2. Are the toys safe?

Using toys that are derived from your family or relatives, in this case, it might be safer than buying a new toy. As long as the lowered toy is not made for too long a year, the coloring may be exfoliated. But if you will still buy a new toy, you should make sure:

There is no peeling toy coloring.
There is no sharp toy side.
There is no toy side that is easily pressed with a small baby finger.
There is no part with a magnet that is easily separated.
There is no section in the form of a long wire more than 18 cm.
Made from safe ingredients, by avoiding some ingredients such as mercury and other dangerous chemicals.
Toys that very strong so they are not easily broken or tampered with by the child.

3. Each part of the toy is not easy to open

Browse all parts of the toy from the buttons until maybe the ribbon parts are easily pulled. If the baby’s toys also have a battery box, you should first make sure the battery box will not be easily opened by your baby. The opening of this battery box can be dangerous for your baby.