Whether you are someone who is just investing or a veteran investor, these proven tips can help build your investment assets. Apart from that, you may also need to learn more about the mis-sold investment, so you can invest a lot safer in the future.

1. Diversification

Stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate and other investments have their respective advantages.

Some investments function to protect against inflation, and others provide growth or income.

To be understood also, price or investment value moves at different speeds and, sometimes, in the opposite direction.

Diversifying various types of investment assets allows you to take reasonable risks without generating too much volatility in your portfolio.

In addition to diversification in different types of assets, it is also recommended to diversify into the same assets. For example, invest in 5 shares instead of just one share.

2. Rebalancing Assets

Normal (and sometimes abnormal) movements of various investment assets can derail your plan if you don’t balance assets regularly.

Rebalancing can be done by reviewing investments every year to ensure the percentage of each investment class does not deviate from your original goal.

An additional step, you can sell investments that perform relatively well and use sales proceeds to invest in slower moving assets.

3. Dollar-cost Average

The simple and effective method of buying investment assets at low prices is to invest regularly in a certain period of time, for example, once a month, which is referred to as dollar-cost-averaging.

Dollar-cost averaging means that you invest a certain amount of money on the same investment regularly.

When you have a lot of money, the averaging method prevents you from putting all the money into an investment at the wrong time.

In addition, averaging keeps you investing even when the market isn’t too passionate.

4. Pressing costs

It’s difficult to calculate the results of your investment in the future, but the investment cost is something you can control.

Be sure to choose a broker who quotes the lowest cost. Although of course, low costs are not everything because the broker’s performance also needs attention.

In essence, don’t let your investment returns be eroded to pay for various costs that can actually be minimized.