Booth Exhibition is indeed one effective promotion strategy and also interesting. Visitors who see clearly do not want to miss it when there Exhibition Design Booth Exhibition of interest in their eyes. But it turns out visitors come not only to just wash the eyes but want to find something that is desired according to the theme of the event itself. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to add an Inflatable arch to gain more attention while promoting your business.

It’s because it is to capture greater opportunities to attract visitors, it would not hurt if we learn the tips of the exhibition booth to be successful following:

Tips for making booth stand exhibition to be Interesting.

Below this may help you create an interesting and powerful booth design.

1. Good Lighting Provide lighting in the form of lights that lead to each item of the product in the show. Not only two or three lamps per stand, give some lights that are used effectively to highlight the main part of the booth.

2. Give Open Space Although it has a large enough space for the exhibition. We recommend access to your booth wide open, give space to move freely around the booth.

3. Try to display the product and company name in the corner visible to the visitor.

4. Use of Color that Reflects Products Give a touch of the color booth and exhibition stand that has a color theme of the product you want to display. So look at the artistic value of your booth.

5. Display Products with Created Rankings Selection of your products, wherever you think to be excellent. Rate your display booth, making it easier for visitors to see your products.

6. Do not Overload The Product Although it has positioned the place with a good display and enough space. Do not give too many product choices in one place display, to avoid chaos.

7. Give a Cheerful and Friendly Atmosphere Point your booth keeper to service with a cheap smile and kindness. Do not let until you see something that looks bored face and just sits around, makes your booth life more.