Since prehistoric times, humans use various ways to get food in the process of survival. Planting is one of the last survival cycles. They will open a field that will then be planted with a variety of plants. However, in addition to farming, they also hunt with arrows because they need protein. This protein is obtained from animals in the forest. Furthermore, arrows become one of the most effective hunting tools to get the game at the landscape hunting. In addition to arrows, there are also other tools such as spears as well as a stretcher as a means of carrying prey.

They usually prepare all these needs during the day. Later in the evening, all the hunting gear was ready to carry. Like when hunting wild boar, the night is the most appropriate time because the wild boar to find food in the dark.

Hunters tend to hunt collectively or in groups. They will scatter to find the game and re-assemble again if it has found their prey or quarry has entered a trap that had previously been made. However, hunting with arrows does not work for some large animals. Usually, they will make a trap. Once the game enters the trap it will be stabbed with a large spear. Arrows are only used to hunt small animals like deer, birds, and fowl.

Arrows will work well if their game location is far from their standing location. In carrying out an attack, must be very careful that the game will not run away before it gets shot. The shape of the arrow is also very decisive type of game. For large game, the arrows are used must also be of good quality and strong.

Currently wood arrows have been largely replaced with arrows that use other materials that are more quality, durable and easy to find. And now, hunting with arrows is not one way of survival because life is now instantaneous. They tend to shoot just for hobbies.