The anime or the Japanese animation (some of their fans can be angry if I mention cartoon) is one of the most favored TV amusement show in the world. Even though it’s originally made in Japan, the audiences from around the world love this type of animation. The stories, the characters, and the unique powers and plots that the anime can have are very satisfying to watch for many people. Unfortunately, these days the anime has lost a lot of its fans. The quality of this Entertainment has degraded due to several reasons. Back in the days, anime can be enjoyed by almost all kinds of people, but today, most anime is being made just for their inner fans.

The anime like “Dragon Ball”, “One Piece”, and also “Naruto” have acquired so many fans around the world. This type of gigantic anime from the past can break through the barriers of genre, and it gets so many attentions, even though from the people who don’t like the anime before. Unfortunately, the today’s anime has lost its “feel”, and most of the Japanese, anime fans are preferring to watch and read the old anime and manga.

It might happen due to the today’s anime studios are too much thinking about profits instead of the aesthetics of their anime. It’s not just about the animation and the graphic of the anime, but it’s about the story and the characters. I can’t mention how many of the good and potential anime today has been ended forcefully by the studios, just because of it doesn’t have a lot of fans. There are so many cliffhangers ending as well, and the next season will never come. This is what makes the today’s fans of anime have been disappointed, and that’s why I hope that the next anime can back on its track, which is to entertain people, and not just aiming for money, money, and money. I understand that money is important, but by entertaining the people well, I believe money will come afterward.