Applying cambridge b1 exam for British citizenship is a fairly elaborate administrative procedure. However, it is very well documented by all the government departments dealing with the Home Office and the steps to take are quite straightforward. The British government has even put in place a series of examinations for people whose understanding of spoken and written English is limited. One such exam is the Trinity College GESE grade 5 Exam, also known as the SELT B1 test or entry level 3 ESOL Examination. Applicants for b1 english test Citizenship also need to take the “Life in the UK” test. This should enable people, for whom English is a second language, to take the time to learn English customs and culture properly, as well as to show their willingness to fully participate in British life.

There are two categories of b1 english test applicants for whom the examination will be required: People applying for an Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK and people applying for British permanent citizenship. The B1 speaking and learning exam can be taken at a SELT testing centre. There are language centres, which can be approached by candidates proposing to sit for the exam, to get help with the speaking and listening components of the test. Successful applicants will see their efforts rewarded during the course of the traditional British Citizenship ceremony, during which a pledge to the Queen of England and country, is made by the new citizen, to commemorate his or her induction into British society.

Nowadays, there are various determinations of “British” as it is called. There are British citizens, British nationals or British protected persons who can be people running away from persecution or harsh political regimes. Great Britain is one of the great democracies of the world and millions of people seek to become residents or citizens of this country. It offers great political rights and freedoms, it is an economic powerhouse which produces great wealth, the right of law rules the land, and people are free to practise whichever political or religious belief they choose.