If you have thick hair, it can be an advantage. However, what if you want to try short haircuts for black women? It doesn’t matter, because there are several short haircuts for black women that are still suitable for you thick hair. For those of you who used to have long hair and want to try a short haircut, maybe this hairstyle is suitable for you because it still looks long. This long bob cut is still slightly below the jawline. Oh yeah, because of the thick hair, try giving layering to your haircut. Well, for those of you with thick hair, this short hairstyle is really suitable! This model does prioritize “the messy hair”, so you don’t need to be confused about what styling to do. Plus, you also don’t need to worry because this actually benefits your thick hair.

Wedged Bob Hair; This piece gives a shorter haircut than the bottom. In addition, the front of the hair is left long so that it has a “high” effect on the back. This piece gives enough space for your thick hair so it doesn’t look messy. Long Pixie Cut with Texture; This haircut is suitable for those of you who want to try a short hairstyle. Although the pixie cut is actually a super short cut and “close” to the scalp, this long pixie cut is slightly volume and “far” from the scalp. In addition, the extra texture or a little layer on this piece makes your thick hair an advantage, not a lack. For those of you who have short hair, do not be sad if the appearance of your hair is monotonous and cannot be arranged in various styles. Many ways to look beautiful and stylish even though your hair is short.

Want a graduation celebration or a braid-style birthday party is really right. Braid hairstyles like this are simple but elegant enough for casual or semi-formal activities. Want to style messy hair but still cool? This semi-curly little messy style will make you look like cute Korean girls. You simply use a hair straightener to produce a messy hairstyle like this. Add a little hairspray or hair form to make it last longer. This curly hair front bangs really fit you who look cute and feminine. Hairstyles like this are perfect for you who have an oval and heart-shaped face shape. Binding short hair in this style makes your look even sweeter and edgy. Leave the front for a slightly messy look but still stylish. You can apply this style to a prom night party or birthday party.