At the first glance, when a charismatic barista makes a coffee, we assume to be a barista was very easy, just pour hot water over coffee grounds, and be a cup of delicious coffee. Unfortunately, not only that, in addition to making a cup of a coffee barista must master many things about coffee. Because being a barista is a messenger of coffee growers, coffee beans are not necessarily serving delicious coffee delicious if prepared by miscalculation. At least, here is an outline if you want to understand the scope of work of a barista. In the meantime, you may visit CGS to find high-quality coffee machines online.

Many people fall in love with coffee and become baristas of various versions, some are amazed by the latte art, some are very enjoying the taste of coffee, and more. However early the love of a barista will be coffee, will surely lead them to find the specialty of coffee beans. How good coffee beans are for a particular coffee dish, the difference in roasting character, and how to keep coffee beans fresh when brewed, and more.


Being a barista must have their respective favorite in terms of serving methods, some who love the dish Aeropress, there is also a liking to a particular dish. But that does not mean they do not understand the dish using other coffee tools, baristas can be practical must understand serving coffee using many methods of serving. The ratio calculations use different coffee kits, how to clean and take care of the coffee tool after brewing coffee, and what kind of coffee appliance is able to optimize certain coffee beans.


If you want to start a barista and think the barista’s job is so easy, just pour boiling water and be a cup of coffee, this is a big mistake. To brew coffee too much consideration, a barista’s insight should be broadly related to coffee beans and coffee-making tools.


To serve delicious coffee requires careful calculation, from understanding the coffee beans, understanding the coffee tools used, and how to optimally brew coffee. So next, determine the coffee recipe for coffee serving remains consistent when brewed and served to customers.