All women certainly have makeup with various types and brands in their homes, even some of these makeup products are always carried wherever they go. For some types of makeup that are only at home, then they certainly need the right storage. So, not infrequently they will use the best makeup vanity to store all types of makeup they have.

However, choosing vanity makeup is also not arbitrary. Below are some tips for choosing the right makeup vanity for you.

1. Before buying a vanity makeup, measure first the room where the dressing table will be placed. This needs to be done, to avoid buying vanity makeup that is too big or too small. Choosing the makeup vanity that suits your needs is important, but choosing one that fits the size of the room is also something important to do.

2. If the bedroom is not too large, choose a vanity makeup that can double. For example, vanity makeup that can be used as a writing desk. Or choose a vanity makeup that has many shelves or drawers. Thus, the object can also function as a means of extra storage.

3. Makeup vanity usually requires additional lighting. There are many choices. Place wall lights, on the left and right side of the mirror. You can also place small light bulbs around the mirror.

4. Choose a chair without backing for the dressing table. A chair without backrest can give a lighter appearance. In addition, chairs like this are also easily stored. Just put it under the vanity makeup.

You can apply these four things when you buy and choose the makeup vanity that suits your needs. that way, all the makeup you have can be stored properly there. besides that, you can also do the makeup process there.