Bali is one of the most popular vacation destinations because of everything this island could provide to give an unforgettable experience on a holiday. From the beautiful nature scenery, nightlife entertainment to sports that could surely boost the adrenaline are all available in Bali. And if you seek adrenaline rush with water sport, then rafting is the best sport you must try in Bali. White water rafting bali price starts from 250K IDR for children age 7-12 and 275K IDR for adult. But with pickup and drop to your hotel the price could be a little higher, depends on your location.

With so many challenging rivers in Bali, surely your rafting experience will be hard to compare. Rafting is not only a fun activity to do to spend your holiday because this sport has many benefits. Rafting makes the heart healthy. The heart will be healthy if the beat rhythm is produced due to activity or something fun. Rafting is an activity that can make a heart rhythm run fast and is very healthy and can even avoid stroke. When we rafting, the air is inhaled so clean because the river is located far away from pollution and breathing deeply so that the lung cavity works optimally with quality oxygen.

Before rafting, you should do warming up first so that the joint muscles do not experience shock or cramps. If that is done, then when we rafting will help strengthen the joint muscles which may be unusually stiff due to daily activities that rarely exercise. Because rafting is done collectively (together), it makes everyone in the boat improve their cooperative spirit (cooperation) because each other has purposes on the boat. Teamwork is eventually honed and solidity is a necessity for achieving common goals. The condition of the rafting adventure stimulates the values of courage and self-confidence, the conditions that force it all. So, make sure to get all the benefits of rafting and enjoying the beauty of nature in Bali.