Actually, there are many problems experienced by bloggers in this world. Are you also a blogger who is looking for solutions to your problems? If you are an online shop owner or whose activities are selling online and happen to read this, then what we say can also be applied to your online store. basically between bloggers and online sellers, there are many similarities. The difference is in the product and the final destination. While you gather wealthy affiliate information, you can read this article. Many bloggers often face these following problems.

– Determine the topic of the blog

The main problem that is often experienced by the number one bloggers is the most classic in determining the topic of the blog. Most bloggers have difficulty or are confused about what topics to discuss on their blogs.

– Bring visitors to the blog

The main problem experienced by the number two bloggers is bringing visitors to the blog. After you can determine what the topic of the blog is and consistently write, actually visitors can already come alone to your blog. It’s just that the number is not too significant. This sometimes frustrates bloggers, especially beginner bloggers.

– Capture visitor data and bring back visitors who have visited before

The main problem often experienced by bloggers is capturing visitor data and bringing back visitors who have visited before. Many bloggers don’t know this. Most of them, after knowing what the topic is and succeeding in getting traffic, just let it go. People who have visited your blog have a tendency to be big enough to visit your blog again. If you can capture their data and bring them back to your blog, this becomes more valuable for your blog. Besides that, you can give any offer to them because of the data you already have.