When your freelance works are ignored or rejected, you should not be frustrated. As you cannot figure out any solution, it is much better for you to carry on upcoming projects such as Video Mapping. Taking a positive thing of the rejection possibly helps you treat your mind and soul better. By this way, it is going to be much easier for you to carry on upcoming projects which must be more worthy to deal with. You should try to see a bigger picture of that rejection so that you will find some lessons that can guide you to avoid that rejection happening again in the future.

Many people that are about to start freelance jobs doubt on getting their first order. In fact, when they visit a freelancer platform, there are so many professional freelancers that look more convincing. Ideally, people must try finding freelancers that have a number of experiences. This is why you feel less confident to start working as a freelancer. Here you can build your portfolio by offering your freelance services to your friends in the real world. This is likely to be such a realistic way to take so that you can make a convincing portfolio.

Portfolios really matter to clients. If you think that you have not built any portfolio yet, you should immediately build it. If you do not start building your portfolio today, you will not step in any stage. In this case, some clients tend to find a professional that is really specifically expert in a certain field. Thus, it is also important for you to try getting out of your comfort zone by accepting to work on projects, of which characteristics are a bit different from what you usually work on a daily basis. With various fields that you master, it is possible for you to capitalize on a bigger market.