For those of you who are still students and very fond of learning routines such as reading or writing. So you should try to familiarize yourself with your ideal distance set. The ideal distance is the distance between the object and the Walmart Eye Exam Cost is also 30 cm. This is done to prevent you from early aging like myopia or farsightedness.

Remember to get used to the most appropriate position, when you’re reading a book. And avoid this bad habit of reading while lying down. Because this will have a very bad impact on your eyes, such as the occurrence of nearsightedness.

Try at the time of reading or viewing objects should use lighting such as lights, because with the lack of lighting will disrupt the health of your eyes. Because in this situation the eyes in force to work harder.

Get used to rest your eyes after the eyes in the portion of the job or often you stare at the screen because the monitor screen has a fairly dangerous radiation. Well, you also do not forget to rest your eyes yes.

Avoid getting your hands rubbed against your eyes directly, because the hand is a nest of germs and disease. If it is done by you then maybe the negative things will stick and move on your eyes.

Try to keep your eye blinking extra, because with this one effort will help to give good benefits after you focus too much on your work.
Try to multiply good foods to improve eye health. Like for example carrots in which this type of food is high will be Source
Vitamin A is very safe in need once to maintain the health of your eyes this.

Avoid smoking and drinking as well, these two habits will be very dangerous because in many studies say that smoking can provide a great potential for you to experience various disorders and eye diseases.

Avoid direct contact with sunlight, hot sunlight can also damage the health of the eyes. For that’s tips how to maintain eye health then there is nothing wrong if you wear glasses, in order to protect your eyes.