The development of electric bicycle technology is now increasingly rapid. There have been many types of electric bikes that have been created. Therefore, you should not be surprised if electric bicycles today have different features. The quality of the bicycle must be the main basis in choosing this one vehicle. Then you also have to pay attention to the quality of the motor implanted in the electric bicycle. Going to Bä to do the reviews of electric bikes you are considering to buy.

Choose Pedelec Technology or Twist and Go?

Based on motor technology, there are two types of electric bikes, namely pedelec bikes, and twist and go bikes. Pedelec bikes use sensors that will automatically activate the motor when you pedal the bicycle pedal. So your foot pedal on the pedal feels lighter. Amazingly the performance of this motorbike will increase as you struggle harder to pedal the bike like when going uphill. Unlike a twist and go bike that is not equipped with any sensors. The strength of this bike is the switch system used for the motorbike. You need to manually set whether the electric motor will be turned on or not.

A position of the Motor in a Crank or Hub?

The average electric bicycle equipped with a motor that is placed in the crank has very good power. This kind of electric bicycle is well-suited for conquering roads that have many steep slopes. Unfortunately, a bicycle with a crank motorbike will usually make a loud noise. While an electric bicycle with a motor located on the hub sounds calmer.

Pay attention to the quality of the battery

This is the disadvantage of all electrical devices that are located on the electricity storage media. The current battery and battery technology are not so sophisticated that its capabilities are not as expected. The process of recharging the battery is still counted for a long time with a disproportionate usage time. No exception to the battery that is embedded in an electric bicycle. In one charging process, the battery is only able to drive an electric bicycle as far as 40-60 km. While the battery charging time can reach more than 8 hours.