If you enjoy smoking and you love it when the smokes are smooth and clean, then you absolutely need to buy some bongs and water pipes for your own necessities. Aside from giving you a fine experience in smoking, you will also find it quite elegant and more satisfying than the ordinary tobacco smokes. However, when it comes down to choosing the ones to buy, you definitely need to know the exact bongs and pipes that will satisfy your smoking necessities. Even the cheap water pipes under $100 can have the good quality when you know the right ones to choose.

Make sure you know the glass type

Usually, people tend to buy the ones that made of the pyrex glass. It’s durable, lighter, and also looks quite fancy and elegant. Although it can be a bit more expensive than the other types of glass for bongs and water pipes, the pyrex ones usually won’t let you down when you’re using them for smoking.

On the other hand, if you love to have the stylish and colorful bongs and water pipes so you show them off to your friends or even collect them, then the ones that made of the soft glass can be the right ones for you to buy.

Choose the ones that specially made for smoking

It’s true that the new smokers can easily be mistaken the ones for the lab and the ones for smoking. Although they may be used in the opposite ways, you need to bongs and pipes that exactly made for smoking if you want to get the best smoking experience. The ones that can be considered as smoking bongs and pipes are the colorful ones that made of the soft glass. So when it comes down to the pyrex ones and you’re not sure whether it’s for lab equipment or smoking, it’d be a wise decision for you to ask the merchant first before you buy it.