As we know in buying a used car must be thorough and have more knowledge about used cars sold in the market, especially in the dealer. For every person would want to have the best car although used; not seldom sellers usually cover up the lack of the car sales is to reap as much profit. Of course, although not all used car salesman or the dealer like that. For tips on buying used cars in the dealer, you can use two ways: cash and credit. Usually, dealer provides cheaper price than cash, but that’s only the initial calculation, buying a used car through credit must fall more expensive. We recommend that you first to survey the list of used car prices whether you choose Lewiston car dealer or another dealer that provides the various options and types of used cars.

There are several ways or tips that can be done to buy a used car in the dealer in order to get the best unit and most okay of course that without any improvement after the purchase especially if to get the collision and flood.

– Check the bottom of the machine if there is oil seep or not, make sure all seals in the safe condition and still tightly so there is no seepage of oil out of the sidelines of the machine.

– Check each door whether there is a welded joint, could be the unit had been hit from the side, and make sure all the rubber door is still in top condition because if the rubber door has begun to brittle it can be ascertained rainwater can easily get into the steering room causing cabin space to be musty and moldy smell.

– Front Check Engine hood and rear trunk, cars that never crashed usually still have a straight chassis or reinforcement without a connection.

– To check the car is not flood-free, my friend can see the bottom of the car and under the basic carpet. Used car floods usually cause rust and spotting on a carpet.