The rise of digital-based high business in the country is also accompanied by the birth of various Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which are internet network providers, data communications, and network solutions. The number of people who use the internet keeps increasing, so you can expect there will be so many companies that provide internet access for the public. Therefore, you can go to if you need to compare various ISP’s quality and their price.

If you are still confused about how to choose the right ISP according to your needs, the following are 6 Tips for choosing an ISP (internet service provider) that you must know:

1. Pay attention to location factors. The remote location of the ISP results in connection speeds and service response speeds when interruptions occur. As a reference, it’s a good idea to find references to other customers or locals and ask for testimonials about which ISP has the fastest connection.

Aside from that, if you live in a place that is located far away from big cities, we suggest you consider satellite internet service.

2. Check technical specifications such as speed and quota. The specifications include the speed of access, quota, and so on to determine the internet package that suits your needs.

3. Choose an ISP that has a good service record and support team 24 hours a day responding to customers and immediately find a solution when there is interference.

4. It has a backbone. is the main connection channel for ISP and internet networks that can guarantee connection backup so that you can enjoy stable and quality internet services.

5. Bagging official permission from the government. Without their permission, their company will do their service illegally, and it can bring harm to their business and customers as well. Therefore, you need to make sure that an ISP company is licensed before you decide to hire its service.

6. Have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) in order to make the standard of high and low services to be obtained when subscribing later, as well as complaints and restitution mechanisms.