As you are called for the witness of a criminal offense by your friends in one military institution with you, it is quite necessary for you to understand of some necessary points. In this case, you should know your position in the code’s point of view. By this way, you probably will be able to defend your position from any accusation to assist the criminal offense that is performed by your friend. In fact, there is a specific code which is called the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Here UCMJ articles rule out any offense which is committed by any military service member in the United States.

It is quite necessary for you to understand of the meaning of each relevant article on UCMJ. By this way, it is possible for you to deliver an argument based on the articles as well. The status of assistance in crime is quite sensitive. It is quite reasonable as you are going to be convicted just like the true offender as you assist or protect him or her to perform the criminal offense directly or indirectly based on the Article 77 on UCMJ. As the result, it is going to be such a bad news for your career and life.

It is likely difficult for you to continue your career as a military service member as you are once involved in assisting the criminal offense. By this way, as you understand of the articles comprehensively, at least you will not be foolish to deliver your witness.

In delivering your witness, you should be quite careful to speak up. It is going to be terrible that you do not choose your words properly so that you are considered in association with your friend that perform the criminal offense against the Uniform Code of Military Justice.