To get a healthy body that healthy it varies. There is a diet that is easy and healthy, called detox diet. This diet program requires you to consume fruit juice or vegetables every day as a substitute for other foods. You can live it 3 to 12 days. No juice that can be made as detox drink, you should choose fruits and vegetables that contain lots of antioxidants. Also, reduce the mixing of sugar and mineral water in the juice. Besides to make it into juice, you can also process it into a smoothie with the help of the best smoothie maker.

Well, usually detox juice sold at a price. But calmly, make yourself to be more efficient. How to make it also not difficult anyway, it is important you can choose the right type of fruit and vegetables for your nutrition and health to stay awake. Here’s the review!

1. Apple Turmeric Juice Helps Maintain Weight and Avoid Evil.
Apples are fruits that contain lots of carbohydrates and vitamins, not infrequently people consume them as a substitute for breakfast. Well, for this fruit can be more useful, make it into detox juice by adding other ingredients. For example turmeric, mint leaves and honey. In addition to helping keep the body remain ideal and facilitate digestion, the amount of antioxidant content in apple juice is potent to prevent turmeric nesting tumors.

2. Mix the Watermelon Slice with Lemon Freshness, Can Make Your Body Slimmer and Healthier.
Right now, the juice detox diet is on the rise. Instead of wasting tens of thousands to buy a bottle of juice, you can make yourself at home really. One juice menu that is easily contrived is lemon watermelon juice. Mix this fruit combination will make your juice rich in water and powerful fibers make your digestion smooth. In addition, this magic drink can also be a weapon to reduce weight. Relax, you need not be afraid of hunger because watermelon can make you full.