The trend for lip cosmetics is more and more models and types, even the name makes us confused about the function, the name is almost the same but actually the function is different. You can make your own lipgloss by visiting our website. Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Lip Tint with Lipstick what’s the difference?

– Lip Balm

The shapes are various, some are solid like lipstick and some are in the form of cream and liquid. The function of lip balm is to form a new layer on the surface of the skin to protect the lips and maintain lip moisture. Therefore, this lip balm is needed especially for those who have dry and cracked lips. Lips are indeed very susceptible to irritation because of the thin layer of skin. Read the contents contained in the product carefully before buying. You should choose a lip balm that has high levels of moisturizers, containing emollient and natural oils. If we often do activities outside the home, choose a lip balm that contains sunscreen to protect the lips from ultraviolet rays.

– Lip gloss

The function of Lip gloss is to create a shiny or glossy effect on the lips. Although lip gloss also works to moisturize the lips, the protection provided is not as strong and effective as lip balms. Therefore, before applying lip gloss, it is recommended to keep using lip balm first. Using lip gloss alone without a moisturizer can still make lips dry.

– Lip Tint or Lip Stain

Becoming increasingly popular because the colors produced are more natural and how to use them more practically. Liquid lip tint. Its function is to give color to the lips. The color produced by lip tint is lighter than a lipstick but more intense than lip gloss. The advantage is being able to produce natural and long-lasting color effects, very suitable for natural makeup styles.

– Lipstick

This is the best known cosmetic product for lips. Serves to give color to the lips. The shape varies from sticks, cream, to liquid. Lipstick tends to be more concentrated and not transparent. Some lipsticks can function as lip balms because they contain vitamin E and other substances that are good for lip moisture.