Having a pet like a dog is indeed adorable. However, it is a different story if this one furry animal begins to bite until it causes injury and ends up in legal action that needs dog bite attorney in Los Angeles. Launching from the CDC, 1 in 5 dog bites requires medical treatment to prevent infection. So, what should be done first after being bitten by a dog? Dogs can also be the most loyal friends. Keeping a dog is proven to help reduce stress, improve fitness (when training it), to become a playmate for your child. However, the dog’s instincts as fanged animals can still bite people around him when he feels threatened. Not only pain, but dog bite wounds can also spread bacteria that can trigger infections, injuries, even if it is severe can cause death.

About 60 different types of bacteria are found in a dog’s mouth, but only a few types can make you sick. If the dog shows signs of rabies, such as acting aggressively and removing foam in the mouth, you need to get a rabies injection as soon as possible to prevent infection. This also applies if you are not sure whether the dog has received the rabies vaccine or not. The rabies vaccine is given in 4 doses. The first dose is given immediately after you have been bitten by a dog suspected of being infected with rabies, then the additional dose is given on the third, seventh, and 14th day after the first dose. Your doctor may also give a tetanus booster vaccine if you have missed the tetanus vaccine before.

That is why if you are attacked by a dog you could ask for the owner o give you compensation for the damage and losses you suffered because of the attack. But it is wiser to use an attorney to represent yourself in the court because there are many documents you need to handle that could be tiring and disturb your recovery process.