Vacationing certainly becomes something that is done by many people when they are bored with various activities they do every day. With a vacation, you can enjoy a different atmosphere. One of the places visited by tourists is Lombok. The region which is located in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia is even more developed with the number of investment managers there, one of which is the

To be able to go to Lombok and get there safely, there are some tips that you should do, such as for example

– Arrange departure
Departure is the main thing you visit a tourist place. You must be able to manage your schedule in such a way. You can set it by adjusting your funds and other conditions. You can use luxury and economic transportation. Don’t let your tour this time interfere with your other activities, like your work or your college.

– Plan a Trip
Plans or plans are important so you can enjoy your tour without a problem. When you plan your trip, you must pay attention to some conditions. Like the situation of a place that you will visit. So with planning, it will be clear direction and purpose. Such as from Gili Trawangan then will visit the waterfall in east Lombok or the other.

– Prepare enough money
Money is everything when you will travel somewhere, especially Lombok. Money is also a safety tip for a vacation to Lombok because this is where the cost of living is expensive. With enough money, you are safe and will do some of the needs you want.

– Bring personal equipment
What is meant by personal equipment is like medicine or other personal needs. Many of us forget that they will take it so they buy again at a more expensive price because they are at tourist attractions. Will save more money when you have prepared it at home first.