One of the main symptoms of depression is a negative outlook. Everything feels worse than it should be, and on certain days it will be difficult for him even to just get out of bed in the morning. This lethargy can be “transmitted” to other things in your relationship such as dating, following ayahuasca retreat, having sex, or even casual chatting. If your partner seems to have lost interest in your relationship, indeed this can be painful. Dealing with a partner who is depressed and in denial is not easy. But, by not overcoming this problem, your partner will continue to get sick or even get worse, or even commit suicide, so you feel the impact too. Depression cannot be cured without intensive care.

In order for you to be able to start the healing process as optimal as possible, approach your partner with attention and with a mature plan. Don’t diagnose it carelessly by saying “Are you depressed, huh?”

If he doesn’t want to consult a doctor alone, you should contact a doctor first and explain that your partner is depressed. Explain what are the symptoms. Then, make an appointment for him and accompany him when he is consul. If he refuses, ask him to do it for you and for the children, to make you feel better. If this method is flatly rejected, go to the doctor when he feels sick (for example, flu or coughing cold), and tuck this conversation when consulting in the doctor’s office. Remember that your enemy is actually his depression, not your partner. But also don’t ignore them. If your partner is sick or injured, you will not hate them for that. You will help them to get treatment, right? Well, depression is no different from other physical ailments.

Supportive and loving relationships are very beneficial for someone who is suffering from depression. That includes understanding your partner, but that also means taking practical steps to deal with the problem. Move to help your depressed partner get better, whether it’s walking together to go to work, deliver and accompany him to a doctor’s appointment, or make sure he regularly takes medication.