Dozer Shovel is a track loader, usually used to load material such as soil or rock into a conveyor (dump truck or hopper on a conveyor belt) or moves material to another place with very limited hauling distance (load and carry ) This type of machine can only operate in hard and rather hard areas. Even on an uneven foundation, traction is stronger, but not or less capable in soft and wet areas, being able to take on the original red soil or rather soft ones. Requiring a loading area (loading point) is a bit wide but the displacement of the operating area is less fast (less mobile). Besides buckets, another attachment is a log clamp. If you want to get the best dozer shovel, you can visit

This heavy equipment has a capable capability, with the help of a crane, it will speed up your project work. The function of this machine can be cut or cut and often used when opening new land. This heavy equipment is used to cut down trees or shrubs which are often located on the land until even. Dozer shovels are often used when clearing new land for oil palm plantations which are usually planted in the depths of the forest. In addition, this tool is also often used as a pioneer to make roads on the hillside by digging and pushing the excavated land to a certain place, for example in the construction of highways, canals or canals so that loading equipment is easier to work.

Backfilling is a backfilling work on former excavation holes. Usually done to make building foundations that have been dug up for planting earth nails more evenly and densely. So that the foundation does not shift and makes the building feel more solid. In addition, sometimes the Backfilling technique is used when dealing with victims of natural disasters. When many victims fall, the alternative is to make a grave on a large scale. Then bury the body in a hole. After that, it will be piled up with soil through a backfilling process that is carried out to close the mass grave.