Drug dependence and other illegal drugs are often identified with negative things. However, many experts say that drug dependence is a disease. Therefore, if you experience problems with drugs, you can take treatment by visit and read more articles on our website.

Dependence on something, such as dependence on playing games, alcoholism, and drugs is something that can attack anyone. Addiction is referred to as a complex disease of the brain and body, which involves the use of several substances compulsively. At a further level, this condition can cause a person to have a deteriorating quality of health, including having an impact on social life. Some experts also believe that dependence, including on drugs, is a chronic disease accompanied by significant changes in the brain. Addiction is a complicated condition and involves the brain’s ability to produce the hormone dopamine. Because the brain that has this hormone is the easiest place for addictive substances to damage the body.

Dopamine is a small substance in the brain that is important for taking signals from brain cell to another body organ. This hormone has a role in regulating movement, learning, memory, emotions, pleasure, sleep, and cognition. That function will be damaged by substances in alcohol and drugs. In a healthy body, dopamine functions to recognize something that is “delicious” and beneficial to the body such as eating, exercising. But in the case of addiction, dopamine deceives the brain by saying that drugs are the same good and needed by the body, such as eating. That triggers feelings of pleasure in someone after taking drugs and encourages the desire to continue to get the sensation.

Besides that, it cannot be denied that the sensation given from these drugs might make someone like them. Many journals have mentioned that besides being addictive, another side effect of using drugs is feeling calm and happy.