What are you looking for when you want to visit a night club? Are you looking for a new kind of entertainment that you never find before? There are many kind of night clubs that you can visit when you are staying at Corpus Christi. All night clubs in this area will give you the best entertainment that you never imagine before. You don’t need to be worry if you think that all night club will only give you the same kind of entertainment. Besides the music that you can listen to, you can also taste some kind of food that can accompany you during your time at a night club. You can share your food with your friends who also come with you. You can enjoy your night life along with your friends, favorite food and favorite music. You night life will become the most memorable night life ever.

The Post at Lamar Park is one kind of night club that you can visit in Corpus Christi. This place is established by James and Susan Gonzales. With their night club, you can enjoy the music that always played in this place. You can also enjoy the food that they serve for you. The most popular food that you can try at this night club is Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese. Many people will recommend you to try this food when you decide to come to The Post at Lamar Park. This is the best food that they ever served. This food will make you stay longer and make your time in this place become greater. This night club also has another menu that will suitable to your taste buds. It is called as Funnel Cake Fire. You can also find some cocktails to accompany you and your snacks.