If you are including people who are very easily fascinated or very easily change mood due to seeing the design look on a website. Maybe you should know how the intricacies of the website design process might not be known to you. Being a visitor to a website is as if we are king because we are like guests visiting someone’s home and you just have to assess the condition of the website that you visit as you wish, but sometimes our assessment of the website that we visit is as if we don’t understand how the web process was created. The following are facts you may not know before even though you are working with Web Design Malaysia professional for years.

– Website Design Determines Which Section The Visitor Will Focus on Your Website

The internet has changed the way we search, and read content, this is evident from the reports from Nielson Norman Group, that successful websites with scannable and strategic layout have an increase of up to 47%. When your website visitors do not find the content that they are looking for or see your website design is less attractive, visitors will likely leave your website and search for other websites.

Therefore Web designers will always try to create a website display that has fast loading, professional design, and interesting content so that visitors feel satisfied with the website they visit, the results they will visit your website regularly.

– Images and Videos on the Website Will Affect Your Website

Multimedia content such as pictures and videos are very influential for your website performance because when the website is full of videos or images your website’s speed will slow down due to the many irregular multimedia contents. The cause of the slow loading of your website is the size of image files and video files on your website, when visitors want to access one of your website pages but the visitor is waiting for loading from your website that is too long automatically the visitor will feel dissatisfied with the state of your website that results they will leave your website.