Facebook users are now increasingly reluctant to share their personal experiences on the world’s largest social media. From mid-2014 to mid-2015, personal content shared through Facebook has decreased by 21 percent. Since then until now, this number has declined by 15 percent.

This is certainly a concern for Facebook because that means Facebook will be filled with news sites, as well as images and videos that are also displayed on other social media. For that, Facebook also tried to invite its users to make more personal content, one of them through Facebook Live services. With this service, you can broadcast videos live to other Facebook users. There are several features that you can enjoy when doing live Facebook or when using Live Stream service on the other words.

Filters for videos

In order for the video to be broadcast live on Facebook Live to be more interesting, Facebook also provides the Live Filters feature. This feature is similar to Filters that you normally use when editing photos on Instagram. Currently, Facebook only provides five filters, including Classical and Country. Facebook also plans to add features to make writing in videos, like you can do when editing videos on Snapchat.

Live map

If you want to see the video being broadcast live in a particular area, you can access it via a map called Live Map. You only need to choose the location of the live broadcast that you want to watch. Unfortunately, this feature is only available if you access Facebook via Desktop.

interaction through reaction

introduce five new Reactions in addition to the Like button. The five reactions are Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. Facebook now allows you to send the Reaction while watching live broadcasts on Facebook Live.

Every time you send Reaction, the Reaction will appear in the video and be seen by the video maker and other viewers. You can still see the reaction if you play back the video after the broadcast has ended. This feature is similar to the Heart on Periscope feature, which allows you to send “Hearts” if you like a moment in the video.