The video game industry has been around us for many years. Since a few decades ago, it has entertained so many people of all ages and classes. Although not everyone into video games, this industry has gained more and more clients since the past decades. The Technology in this business has evolved so much as well. We’ve started from the 8 bits games, 16-bits, pre-rendered 3D, and now we are standing at the age where the graphic of our video games is ultimately great and realistic, where even the line between the real and virtual worlds starts to vanish.

It’s all thanks to the virtual reality technology. These goggles that allow you to enter the video game and simulation world virtually will change the industry forever. Even now we can play some games that allow us to interact almost physically with the objects in the game world. This takes the video game industry to a whole new level, and its possibility is quite limitless. At this point, I as the writer won’t even be surprised if someday, in the not too far away future, our next generation will have their video games characters roaming around our street. Furthermore, maybe, just maybe, with some interesting “sci-fi particles” technology, even those video game characters can make physical contact with us.

Unfortunately, when something new has been created and it affects our daily lives, there’s the negative impact that we have to deal with it. For example, when the VR gadgets can be used outside and people will be able to walk around safely with it, the social interaction among human beings in the society might become weaker and weaker. I just hope that the technology will still be advancing well without destroying the society where we live in today. It’s a bit idealistic of a hope, but it’s surely interesting to see a real world merges with the game world without crushing the human’s social interaction with one another.