Oil and cholesterol are like two sides of a coin that can not be separated. Usually, people will identify, oily foods definitely contain high cholesterol levels are at risk of causing various kinds of dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart and other diseases. But, that does not apply to olive oil. In every 100 grams of olive contains 100 grams of fat content. Well, a lot? But calm down, although seen a lot in fact only 14% is the saturated fat type. This means most of it is unsaturated fat content that is safe to consume, can even be healthy. The content of vitamin E and K which serves as an antioxidant in organic extra virgin olive oil is believed to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body cause disease.

Olive oil is also believed to reduce mortality. This is evidenced by a study conducted in late 1999 in Albania, a Muslim country in Europe. This study wants to reveal the low mortality rate in Albania, as well as to find out what background might be the cause. The death toll at that time was 41 / 100,000, this figure accounted for half of the deaths recorded in the UK. After this study, it was found that one of the things that affect the low mortality rate in Albania is regular consumption of olive oil by residents. So, for Mak who wants to live longer, regular consumption of olive oil may be a good thing to try.

Olive oil can also prevent heart disease. One of the organs that play a vital role in the body is the heart, which is responsible for pumping blood to all parts of the body. Heart-healthy, the body healthy, as well as vice versa. Thus, heart health must be maintained properly. Piles of cholesterol contained in surah blood vessels make the heart work becomes more severe. Not infrequently, this cholesterol blockage turns into a plaque that blocks blood circulation throughout the body. Consumption of regular olive oil is believed to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke or heart attack.