Juice is one effective way to enjoy fruits and vegetables for those who do not like or cannot consume them directly. However, you should make sure if the fruit juice you will consume – whether the juice is made by yourself or the juice in the pack, is a healthy juice. Yes, not all juice is a healthy drink. The way you make and drink juice will affect the nutrients you get for the body. So even when you buy juice in packaging. Wrong select, can-can that you take even a drink that is added juice, and instead of containing the original fruit juice. To get the original fruit, use the juicer from 5 commercial cold press juicers for business.

If you want to get all the benefits and nutritional juices of fruit, it’s good to see the rules below about how to choose the original fruit juice and healthy.

To make sure if the fruit juice you consume is really healthy, there are five things you should look at, including:

1. Pay attention to the sugar content
Pure juice derived from the original fruit does offer good health benefits to the body. However, you must understand, if the fruit itself already contains sugar and calories, so no need to add a lot of sugar. When choosing fruit juice in packaging, compare the nutrition label and look at its sugar content and other beneficial nutrients.

2. Read labels carefully to distinguish genuine fruit juice and “fake”
Did you know that there is a lot of juice sold in the market, in fact not as healthy as you imagine? Yes, if you notice the rows of bottles and juice boxes lining the supermarket, many of which are actually not real fruit juices but just fruit-flavored drinks. When you buy packaged fruit juice, choose a product that contains real fruit instead of a fruit-only flavor. Remember, not all fruit juices are in the same nutritional packaging as the original fruit. Nutrition in fruit juice varies, depending on the type and brand of juice. That’s why, before buying packaged fruit juice it’s good always check the label to compare the nutritional content.