Playing games today is certainly an activity carried out by many people. There are many types of games that you can download easily on your smartphone. That way, you can easily get fun entertainment. The number of types of games that you can choose makes you get many choices, such as Realm Royale Game for Android. With the right game, you can get entertainment that is also fun.

However, when playing games, you certainly have violated some rules that you should obey there. Some rules that you usually violate are

– Do not read the user agreement in full
If you read carefully it may take approximately an hour to complete. The contents are indeed a lot of formal words and what you should pay attention to when playing games. Instead of being read, surely you will immediately press the “agree” button? Not to mention if you really want to play new games. Where is there time to read that?

– Read only the important parts in the user’s book
If you buy a physical game, there will usually be a manual that you need to read. Starting from synopsis, character recognition, button configuration, to security instructions. Instead of reading everything, you must read the important things, especially the introduction of cool and beautiful characters. The rest, enter the game box again.

– Don’t sit properly while in front of the screen
Playing games can’t be a while. So, you need to pay attention to how to sit and the distance of your eyes to the screen. All that for your health too. However, in fact, it was right when I played the game, from sitting up to lying down. Not to mention if you play again you have to see the character details or items. You must have looked at the screen too close.