In recent times there are activities that are being liked by many people, namely vlogging. These activities can even be done when you ride a motorcycle. How to? the way is to install an action cam on your motorbike. You can get it on vdashcam. There are a motorcycle helmet cameras that will record every event you experience on the road.

However, all you have to pay attention to is placing the camera at the best angle. To get the best point of view, not infrequently many people use action cam. In addition, the small and light shape makes it less noticeable when mounted on a helmet. Especially with the ability of shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof makes this small camera increasingly in demand. Some of the right positions for installing this type of camera are

1. On the helmet
One of the most widely used locations is the helmet. However, that does not mean that the point is the best. Because, when driving with high-speed action cam will create pressure on the helmet.
Positively, from that angle, the video can be as close as possible to the view of the driver. The video will then display the front in full.

2. In front of the helmet
The new favorite position for motorists is the front or chin on full-face helmets. Although under the eyes, the experience is more or less the same. One of the advantages of this position is that it does not damage aerodynamics. In addition, the shock on the motor will not be too visible.
However, some helmets have rounded chin parts. This affects the mounting of the cam action holder. In addition, the helmet will feel a little heavier in front because of the action cam installation.

3. Next to the helmet
Installing an action cam next to the helmet or cheek part is also increasingly popular. Because the video will present a view that is parallel to the eye. As a result, the experience of the audience and the driver can be almost the same.