In the condition that the car battery is overdrawn, you can still use the method to stater the car by doing a jumper. The process of jumpers is done, it can be done with the help of battery jumper cables and involving other cars to help supply electric current to be normal and able to turn on the engine of the car that is in trouble. When the battery jumper, and avoid short circuit, do not use another device other than the proper battery jumper cable. On the other hand, perhaps you also need to take a look at the best jumper cable reviews at

Jumper good car using a jumper cable, because if you use other tools can be dangerous and short.

The way the battery jumper is quite easy, but if it’s wrong it can be dangerous.

Following is the process of car battery jumper.

1. Hold the car close, put the transmission lever in the Neutral position or Parking (automatic), and turn off all electrical loads (lights, head units, etc.).

2. Connect the positive jumper cable (usually red) to the positive battery pole in each car.

3. Attach the negative jumper cable to the negative pole of the jumper/booster car battery and attach the other side of the negative pole to the clean, iron-based machine part. Don’t go to the negative pole of the battery that is so bad.

4. Turn on the pen-jumper engine for a few moments and then step on the gas pedal slightly above 1,000 rpm then the car starter is overdrawn.

5. After the engine is on, remove the jumper cable carefully in the reverse order from the installation method.

It’s quite easy and simple, especially if you already have some experiences in jump-starting car batteries beforehand. We hope this info can help you to jump-start your car battery safely.