Public relations is vital for every Agency/Company and although it is a new branch of science, in a relatively short period of time has grown rapidly. At the same time, we see a fact that has to be fully attended to, is that there is still a lack of understanding of the role and vitality of public relations, so many agencies have not put public relations into real proportions. As a result of public relations (this powerful management weapon) has not been maximally utilized by many Indonesian managers. Indeed public relations also determine the success or failure, life death of the Agency / Company; because without the help and support of the community, it is impossible for an Agency / Company to stand and run well. Therefore it is our duty to try to donate energy and mind to build public relations in our homeland. Do you need to hire PR Agencies?

The basic product generated by a PR agency is a press release, which contains information about the company and is provided to the media for publication. Of course, we need to consider the rules of language and the rules of mass communication to prepare a good press release. If the press release succeeds in appearing in the media and generates a positive impression as a company representative, then the PR agency may be considered successful in this part of the task.

The role of the next PR Agency is to build relationships with the media. Public relations agencies should maintain good relations with media they usually send press releases. The more important is the professional PR should be able to establish relationships with reporters who seek info about the company that became the client of the relevant public relations agency. So it is the PR agency that makes the first contact with the media reporter.

Manage the presence of social media, also need to be mastered PR agencies today. With the development of social media, the role of public relations agencies has also evolved to include online client representation. If a client has Facebook, Twitter, or blog, then the public relations agency should also have access. Unlike press releases, social media comes directly to the public. Therefore it should be as much as possible to avoid information bias.