Who does not know honey? You also must already know that honey has many benefits for health and beauty. This sweet liquid that comes from the pollen is also claimed to cure allergies. How safe is honey from the medical side? Is it true honey allergy medicine? Before you buy honey. You can visit our website at Truth Local Honey Allergies Snopes and check out the following reviews.

Is honey safe from the medical side? Honey consists of several ingredients such as water, carbohydrates, vitamins such as vitamins B and C, minerals such as calcium, iron, and sodium. Indonesian people use honey as a medicine to relieve a cough, allergies, diarrhea, and asthma. Not only that, some people also use it for various skin problems, such as treating acne, relieve itchy skin, and heal wounds. If consumed and dabbed to the skin with the right dose, most likely honey is safe. Children over the age of one year can also consume honey. But you should avoid giving honey to babies or children under the age of a year to avoid the risk of botulism. Botulism is a poisoning condition due to toxic bacteria produced and potentially fatal. Apart from that, please note that not all honey is safe. There is a type of honey that may not be safe if consumed, namely honey derived from Rhododendron nectar. This type of honey is at risk of low blood pressure, chest pain, and heart problems because it contains toxins.

Honey as an allergy remedy, is it effective? In some other benefits, honey proved efficacious. Nevertheless, the results are obtained only from one study or research in the early stages only. More research is needed to find out the true benefits of honey in terms of medical, including honey that is claimed to overcome allergies. There is no research that ensures that honey can overcome allergies. Even for you who have an allergy to pollen, it is highly recommended and better avoid eating honey because this sweet liquid is made from pollen that can cause allergic reactions. For more information on honey and allergies, you can visit our website now.