Many research has shown how nitric oxide could treat any blood-related disease including hypertension. However many do not realize that nitric oxide could be found in nature and one of the most successful sources of this compound that popular to treat hypertension is beetroot check this out. From the results of the decrease in blood pressure, patients who drank beet juice were also found to have a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. Of every 2 mmHg drop in blood pressure, the risk of death from a heart attack decreased by 7 percent, while the risk of stroke decreased by 10 percent. Apart from the success of beet juice consumption for people with hypertension, experts believe that beet juice should not stop being consumed. Drink beet juice every day because if you stop taking it for two weeks, your blood pressure will return to its original pressure. This is the same as the concept of hypertension medicine that must be taken regularly every day.

Research has proven that treating hypertension by consuming red beet juice is a natural therapy that is effective, easily available, and affordable in terms of price. Apart from making juices, beets can also be consumed in the form of foods that color your daily menu. However, consult your doctor first before you decide on something related to the treatment of hypertension – either with drugs or by natural means. Hypertension therapy with beet juice may be right for you who have mild hypertension. However, for those of you who suffer from moderate-to-severe hypertension, especially with the addition of various accompanying diseases, you should not make beet juice the main therapy. It is important to remember that beet juice cannot replace the role of drugs in hypertensive patients in the more severe category.

Not only for people with hypertension those of you who don’t have problems with high blood pressure, but can also consume beet juice. The benefits of bits besides controlling high blood pressure are to improve brain function, increase stamina, and overcome anemia. Don’t forget to adopt a healthy diet, exercise regularly, get enough rest, and stay away from stressful things.