Doing buying and selling online has become a very common thing. Technological advances make it easier for people to buy goods from far away countries. Payment can be made on the spot and goods can be sent immediately. Transportation also supports the buying and selling process. You just need to provide the address clearly and completely, then the goods will arrive easily. The process is also done Profollica to spread the market to other countries, including Profollica Australia. Anyone who wants to prevent hair loss and grow hair again can order Profollica easily.

The more widespread buying and selling online, then there can be many crimes in it. Well for those of you who use the internet to buy something, then be careful. Because there could be a lot of swindlers out there. What you have to do from now on is to anticipate online scammers :

– Pay attention to the seller’s reputation
For those who like to buy a product or service in a forum, social media, marketplace, or by using online store website, the thing to note is to look in detail the reputation of the seller. Because by looking more detail the reputation of the seller then we will know if they are responsible and trustworthy sellers or vice versa.

– Use Down payments
Using Down Payment will avoid online fraud. Because if like this, then you will not lose too much if cheated. Or now many sellers who use the credit system, whether using a debit card or credit card they can give credit price to the buyer. But if you use other than credit card, usually need some other evidence.

– Make sure they have a clear identity
Avoiding online fraud both individuals and companies can pay attention to their identity first. If they are selling on Facebook, then note also how long they have been active and how well their reputation, if they are on the forums then how many ranks they have.