The use of wood for the home floor can provide a separate statement for decorating your home. Hardwood floors are very easy to care for and wooden floorboards that have been established for numerous years are unusually bent or broken, provided you treat them properly and correctly. Wood flooring is also a reasonable option, you only need to rub and absorb the powder on it to hold it kept and seem clear. There are various means to improve wood floorboards in your home. The following are the most frequently used. Get white produce on wood floors using Scandinavian style tips and use a special soap for your wood floor. You can use special alkaline solutions on the sanded wood floor to brighten wood and remove dark colors. After that, use white wood soap that will protect the wooden floor so the color does not fade quickly. Take care of wood floors by reapplying white soap. In caring for and cleaning wood floors, you definitely need special attention, one of which is to use services.

White painted wood floors are very suitable for homes that require more lighting or illumination. The white floor will produce a contemporary style to the old house with the condition of old and worn wooden floors. White floor color is also widely used as a minimalist house paint color. Use special paint for wood floors so you avoid slippery floors. Don’t forget to mop the wood floor every week and don’t hesitate to repaint your floor if you feel disturbed by scratches that appear on the floor. If black may be too dark and the white color is too bright, try painting your wood floor in a neutral color such as gray or pale blue. The gray shade on the floor can be matched with tone colors on the wall to attach an announcement to the room. To make your wood floor more permanent and have glossy effects, try varnishing your wood floor.

Most varnishes include polyurethane, which can cover the wood to be insulated and spread it like synthetic. The effects achieved can arrange from shining to matte. The problem of the results of varnish is that when the surface is damaged because it has been used for too long or is subjected to friction from other furniture, it will be very difficult to repair. The only way out is to sand the entire room and re-polish it.

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