Various types of dusters and vacuum cleaners are helpful to remove dust at home. Check out how to get rid of dust on various surfaces in the house. Clean the contents of the house! The more junk items are scattered around the house, the more dust settles because the underlying surface becomes untouched by the dust purifier. Every six months or once a year, sort out the things you do not need to keep your home clean. However, if you don’t like to clean the dust in your house manually, we recommend you to buy the best commercial backpack vacuum.

Tips to prevent dust from entering the house

Dust that has been removed does not mean it will not come back again. Regardless of the circumstances around and wherever your home is, the dust always finds a way to re-enter the house uninvited. Consider the following tips to minimize the chances of incoming dust:

Open the window when the outside environment is not too dusty, for example when it rains. Opening the window still needs to be done at least 1 hour every day for air circulation smoothly.

Treat your air conditioning and ventilation filters regularly. Suck dust caught in the filter using a vacuum cleaner. If possible, remove filters and wash.

Bring the carpet to the carpet wash service to keep it clean of dust and smell fresh. If you want to wash it yourself, read and follow your carpet treatment instructions.

Spray curtains and sofa cushions with a freshener every week. Wash a removable cloth using a washing machine or take it to a laundry service.

Carpets, curtains, and fabrics on furniture are a favorite spot of dust. Consider replacing carpets with a regular floor, changing curtains with blinds, and replacing furniture with leather.
Change the sheets once a week if possible.

The key points:

Use a feather duster to get rid of dust from the highest part down to the lowest surface.

After all, surfaces are clean of dust, brooms or suction dust on the floor using a vacuum cleaner.

Open the window to enter fresh air on a dusty day.