Viruses such as bacteria on computers, viruses greatly disrupt computer work activities because the presence of a working virus computer becomes very slow and even a lot of data and programs are damaged by viruses. One virus that often appears on our computer or on a flashdisk is a virus shortcut, where this virus will enter through a flashdisk that is plugged into a computer that does not have a strong security system. Therefore, on this occasion, I will share ways to delete the virus shortcut on your computer or flashdisk. If you have a strong antivirus and update then you don’t need to worry about this virus, because antivirus has blocked and deleted the virus, but if you have a desktop computer that is at home with an antivirus that is not updated then you can follow the steps below. Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to check out the recommended Free antivirus that can help you protect your PC.

Remove virus shortcuts with CMD

1. Enter the command prompt menu by entering the run menu and typing cmd then clicking enter. Or you can type Symbol windows + R on the keyboard.

2. After the program command prompt opens, determine the location of the virus shortcut by typing the location of the drive on the computer (for example C: press enter or D: then press enter or another draft according to the location of the virus.)

3. If you have finished entering the drive that has a virus, type the following command: attrib -s -h -r / s / d, then press enter.

4. Wait for the processing system for scavenging the virus to resurface your drive.

Just an addition to the safer updates on your antivirus and when you plug the flashdisk into your computer, you should scan first so that the virus on the flashdisk can be blocked and not spread to your computer. hopefully, this article can be useful for you.