Eating and hanging out in cafes and restaurants every weekend has become a lifestyle of its own today, especially for people who live in urban areas. Usually, activities like this are routinely carried out both with family and friends. Eating or hanging out is used by many people to unwind from office work or just want to get together with the closest people. Apart from that, if you’re looking for a good restaurant that’s not too expensive, just check out Bob Evans menu prices.

However, even eating and hanging out is not a good thing because it can cause waste, especially if you do it too often. Actually, there is a separate way to keep eating and hanging out in cafes or restaurants without fear of making a broken bag. Here are some economical tips that you might try:


For credit card users, you can use your credit card to save money. Usually, credit cards work with certain restaurants by issuing discounts or promos.

For that, you must be diligent in checking promotions in the form of discounts or cash back on credit cards. You can check it on the credit card bank sites that you have. The discount and cashback will certainly be very profitable because it makes spending less.

Look for New Open Restaurants

Choose Happy Hour Meals

Some restaurants usually offer promos for eating and drinking on certain days or hours commonly known as “happy hour”.

The price of food offered is cheaper compared to other days or hours. But of course to get these prices you usually have to buy in certain conditions, for example, with a minimum amount of transactions that have been determined or buy a promo package that has been prepared by the restaurant or cafe.

Choose a restaurant that has just opened

Another way that can be done to save food and hang out in restaurants is to choose a restaurant that has just been opened. You can search for social media information about which restaurants or cafes have just opened.

Usually, to attract consumers’ attention, some new restaurants will offer cheap and certainly attractive prices or promotional packages. You can use the conditions to eat and hang out sparingly.