Usually, mice don’t hide in one place. Sometimes the most common are mice that often hide above the ceiling. This is hard. Many people tend to leave it because they are not considered to be able to go down. Wrong. They have good skills in climbing. So even if you are in the ceiling you have to be evicted. How? Apart from that, you may also visit to find out more about traps online.

The way of getting rid of mice from the ceiling of the house is actually quite easy. You have to prepare things that are not liked by mice. One of the things that mice hate is a clean and fragrant environment. For that, you must first clear the ceiling. There is no need to clean up, at least there is no garbage there.

Then spread camphor that has a strong aroma. Mice will not like fragrant scents, so they will tend to avoid areas that are given camphor. Try to spread camphor and soursop leaves that are also hated by rodents. Leave one spot and do not give camphor or yellow leaves. You can put on a special spot that is a rod poison shaped rod. Cut into small pieces according to the capacity of the mouse.

The poison has been formulated to be favored by mice in terms of aroma. So when the mouse is confused looking for a place because it has been filled with camphor, then he will approach the spot to stay. In addition to the spot, there is a poison similar to chocolate which smells like rats. Tesebut poison if eaten will immediately react by making thirsty rats. Then the mouse will try to find a source of water for drinking. Well, when drinking it, the poison works after being exposed to water.

Mice that have been exposed to toxins will die near a water source, so they don’t rot above the ceiling.a