Nearly 70% of cases of theft of perpetrators enter through the door. Therefore, making anti-theft doors is something you can do to secure your home and family blog link . Do you have to do everything suggested in this article? Of course not. If you do a few of them, you will be far safer than if you do nothing. A solid door, quality latch, and reinforced with a frame will make it almost impossible for a thief to break your door. If you want to improve the security system at your home through the key system, then it can be a good idea to call Locksmith. Aside from that, do the following things:

Install a deadbolt

The saying says the door is only strong when locked – and this expression is very precise. Even the strongest steel door can be broken by a hard kick if your key is not enough to enter the door frame. When choosing a deadbolt, use a key brand that is already known for its strength and not just choose the cheapest one.

Additional protection

Speaking of latches, you can just attach the latch on the inner side. This deadbolt cannot be accessed from the outside, so it can only be used when you are inside the house. The latch on the inside will make the thief almost impossible to damage. This additional key can save when you sleep or spend time with people you love.

Keep away from Windows

A window near the door allows light to enter the area around the door, but is very risky for home security. If the window is still within reach of your arm to reach the door lock, it will be easy to break the window and open your door from the inside. If you are going to install a new door, choose one without windows or away from the window. If you already have windowed doors or like doors that have windows, you should take a few extra security steps.