Male sex is not always a problem. But why do some men still choose to raise their genitals? Apparently, one of the causes is a comment from a female partner. And the practice of genital rearing is the most popular in the UK. Every month alone, there are almost 50 questions about the surgical cosmetic surgery procedure. P. According to a representative of cosmetic surgery practice, most men who do it are single, but married men also increase. In fact, in addition to surgery, you can also use Titan Gel. Visit our website and find titan gel bewertungen.

Worry about penis size is something that often burdens men’s mind. Moreover, with the validity of “unwritten references” on the standard penis size, many contributed to the man’s lack of self-confidence about vital organs that are considered a symbol of his virility. In fact, not infrequently the cause of psychological disorders that lead to erectile dysfunction. Especially if couples also give a negative reaction to the size of the penis, then the self-esteem of a man as if instantly destroyed.

Beyond that, the most important thing is actually is there any health care for your penis? There are various ways to treat penile health. Here are some ways to treat the penis that you can do.

1. Stop Smoking

Smoking accelerates the formation of deposits in the heart arteries, so the same process can occur in the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. Now smoking has been seen as a major factor in erectile problems and it begins when you turn 40 years old. So stop smoking right now, for the health of your penis.

2. Keeping Penis Clean

Keeping clean can be said as the core of how to treat the penis. There are several steps that can be done to keep the penis always clean and healthy.

– When bathing, wash the penis using warm water. Do it every day. Do not forget to dry it with a tissue or clean towel, either after bathing or after urinating.

– Do not forget to clean the scrotal part (the pouch of the balls). If not cleaned regularly will arise less unpleasant odor because of sweat pile up on pubic hair.