The best way to create quality content in addition to content gorilla review is to create quality articles by discussing in-depth topics. Everyone likes to talk to-the-point, directly to the essence. However, if we make a content that explains in-depth about a topic, of course, this will get better. Usually, long and deep articles are better in Google SERP compared to short and superficial articles. Not that every article with a large number of words will always win on the SERP search engine. This is just an illustration that the quality of content is very important if you want to get a good ranking on Google. Do not force yourself to make long articles long-windedly, make the article following the facts and according to your knowledge.

First, use the long-tail keywords in the content title. Long titles are usually more profitable in search engines than content with titles that are too short. Besides, content with a long and descriptive title is usually better converted. If your blog has a loyal audience or reader, then you must be prepared to respond and answer their comments or questions. Give the answers they need, of course, you will only answer comments or questions that match your topic. If we look at the SEO side, the involvement of readers in a blog is an advantage.

Spreading your content links on social media will provide direct traffic and a good impact of SEO for your entire blog. The more people spread your content, the better the results will be. Therefore, provide social media buttons on your blog to make it easier for your readers to spread the articles they like on your blog. Google+ will have a greater role in SEO. Also, by using Google+ you will get Author Rank and connect with other Google+ users. Author rank is one of the factors in SEO, and the role will be even greater for SEO in the future. So, you should use Google+ from now on, and connect your blog with your Google+ account.